Welcome to my word. Alynn_rees_lambertnd world. It’s been a long journey from print columnist to digital blogger but here we are. I woke up one morning and realized the world needed one more blog. And then I went back to bed. After being dragged, kicking and screaming, and procrastinating through several operating systems rollouts on assorted devices, here we are.

After a lifetime (truly – 33 years, 10 months, 5 days) in the community newspaper business, I decided to do something with the over 1,600 columns (hard copies) stored in bins, binders and under fruit bowls. Are You the One Who Writes That Column?, Conversations, is a limited collection of articles than ran in Kingston This Week. No fear – there’s only 100 of them. Nobody wants to read all 1,650 of them. Although I did.

It took a while.

We underwent several changes of government before I got it together. And now that it is together – as in book form – we need to keep the ball rolling, or the blog bouncing, and let faithful readers know there is life after print. It’s called loafing. I mean blogging.

Welcome to my word.